5 Decades of Brilliance

CDL Developer of Piermont Grand EC – 50 Years of Excellence

Having come a long way, more than 50 years of excellence, CDL has indeed built a distinctive legacy of industry leadership and championing green buildings, fuelled by our vision to conserve as we construct. We look forward to achieving new heights as we continue to develop the clean and green landscape as well as to set the bar high in innovation and sustainable environment. And to run towards our biggest main goal – a better home for everyone to live in.

Our Impressive Credential Before Piermont Grand EC

As a property pioneer now the developer of Piermont Grand EC also known as Sumang Walk EC, CDL has the privilege of receiving countless awards and accolades that shows our commitment in our field. Many of these Corporate, Environmental and Project Awards have been given in recognition of our business excellence and ability to create and manage some of the world’s iconic architecture and state-of-the-art offices.

Other accolades pay tribute to our championship of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our impressive record through a holistic approach continues to assure our stakeholders, which include customers, investors, suppliers, employees and the community at large.

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